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The Meaning Behind The Logo

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Hello, my name is Kellys. I am a graphic designer and graphic artist certified on staging and redesign.

Design is one of my loves whether it is on a card, an ad, a room, a building, a piece of furniture or an art piece. Design is all around us.

Stand Tall Designs was created to share my appreciation of design, my knowledge, talent, experiences, ideas and perspectives.

I’ve been diligently working on this project bottom up while being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, just like many of us are and do. It’s not easy to juggle it all while working 9 to 5, but I refuse to postpone going for my dreams.

Some time ago, I set up for my daughter’s room the flamingo with lights* and crown* you see on the picture above. My intention was to talk to my child about its meaning and leave this subliminal message for her to see often, to stand tall in any situation throughout her life.

And while that set up was to inspire her; it inspired me as well.

For half of my life, I have worked on something that I liked but not loved. For years, due to multiple circumstances, I left dormant my dream of working on what I studied. Here and there I worked on some design projects on the side bringing a bit of light to my dream, but dormant I kept it.

Situations didn't seemed aligned for this dream to happen; however, all the challenges in between were preparing me for a greater good.

At the end of 2018, things shifted rapidly. One experience after another led me to this point. The most important thing of all was the realization of not only teaching my child one of many lessons but to teach me to believe in myself.

I kept on working on the logo as time passed by. Over and over, I changed the image, trying different improvements. Finally, I felt accomplished when I saw the logo brought across the message I intended.

To stand tall feeling not only pride of who you are, what you achieve, but along with others because everyone reaches places with the love and support of the ones involved always lending a hand (hence, the two flamingos). My dormant dream to work on design was awakening with bright beams of light zipping through.

I decided I didn't want to spend the rest of my life working on what I'm not passionate about, telling myself it's never too late to improve, never give up.

Change is scary, especially when there is no manual on what to do next, but you ought to trust yourself. Feel once again the unwanted visit of fear and tame it because your dream is endless in size. Only you are in control of your path and the time is now.

And this brings me to say that Stand Tall Design's logo is meant to portray being proud, thankful, and helpful in all the design services we provide.

I leave you with some helpful notes below and this quote that I love and find very inspiring every time I read it; may it inspire you as well.

“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”. Thomas Edison.


-Below links/stores are not sponsored.

-The items shown on wall set up picture above have been discontinued in size or completely.

-Flamingo Marquee LED Light at Amazon is available in a smaller scale (11.8"L x 5.9"W x 1.10"D). Here is the link if you are interested in getting it.

-The silver crown on above picture was originally from Kirkland, and it is not available anymore unfortunately.

-However, below I’m leaving suggestions of a couple of great pieces if you are aiming for a rustic, shabby chic, industrial modern look in a sitting area in your home with the "flamingo/crown" theme.

-These items are so neat that they can either complement each other ("if available wall space/area allows it") or they can be installed alone.

-Option 1 Flamingo - Wayfair's Wood Flamingo Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas. Colors: wood browns with white flamingo. It comes in assorted sizes, but if you want to complement it with the crown suggested below, I recommend you select size 24"h x 16"w x 1.5"deep ($101.99 as of day this article was posted. FYI, item's availability on this site varies).

-Option 2 Flamingo - Wayfair’s Passion Flamingo Wall Décor. Colors: Pink with natural rust copper look. Size: 18"h x 11"w x 0.5"deep ($78.99 as of day this article was posted. FYI, item's availability on this site varies).

-Crown - Wayfair’s Queen Bee Wall Decor Crown. Colors: Rustic metal/copper look . Size: 14"w x 10"h x 2"deep ($38.99 as of day this article was posted. FYI, item's availability on this site varies). Once again, you can either install it with the flamingo options suggested above or by itself.

-If you have any questions or comments at all, please do not hesitate to leave them here or contact us via email. Thank you.

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