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The Beauty Of Close Ups

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Mostly inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe close up paintings of flowers, I was taken by the beauty of objects near us, most often overlooked at on our daily basis. The simplicity of a line following a path that is cropped, the interesting negative and positive backgrounds enclosed in the lens, the textures springing, all of these I perceive as raw beauty. I find that those zoomed in areas compose the overall beauty of a larger object or piece, like this fire hydrant I encountered at a small park in Florida while doing some photography work.

The natural sunlight highlighting every nook and cranny on this rather common walk by item, simply blew me away. I stared at it, and the more I stared, the more it drew me in; walking closer to it, getting on my knees, zooming in on different angles, to unravel entertaining shapes and personality.

Like the dried drips of paint when originally painted, extensions with over sized nuts and bolts that looked liked arms, a nose and a hat, graffiti lines adding pattern or rather style, numbers and letters on relief coming across as facial features. All details emphasized by the timeless black and white. Before me, I discovered not a thing anymore, I saw character posing for me to depict and share its unique simple beauty from an up close perspective.

#photography #visual #art #closeups #simple #beauty #black #white #fire #hydrant

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